Baby K takes Italy by storm, conquers the country with new album “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang”

Chart-Topping Italian music sensation Baby K is set to take the world by storm. Her summer hit “Roma-Bangkok” ft. Giusy Ferreri has broken existing records and is now the most viewed Italian video on Vevo, with 45 million views since its release on 7th July 2015.

The song in a way reveals the places Baby K has lived in: London, Rome and Far East. All these places form part of her identity and influence her music.

“Roma-Bangkok” has just been certified triple platinum in Italy and continues to top the charts.

In an exclusive interview with, Baby K says “it was a big shock” to notice how well the song was widely appreciated.

“Roma-Bangkok” spontaneously became the summer anthem in Italy, with fans producing and posting videos of themselves dancing to it with their friends at the beach.

“It was really amazing to see all those people singing along to the song” Baby K says. She is “very grateful and very happy” that the song has been appreciated.

This young, sweet, energetic and highly talented musician is destined for an extremely successful career. Baby K is a determined girl who is now shaking the Italian music scene after making tremendous efforts and sacrifices. She believes that through commitment and hard work, you can get where you want to go even if you are a woman in men’s world.

Her new album titled “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” containing the summer hit “Roma-Bangkok” was released on 11th September.

The 12-track album produced by Takagi and Ketra for Sony Music, is already dominating the airwaves in the country.

Baby K says she chose “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” as her album’s title because she feels she’s “pretty much a kiss kiss bang bang kind of person,” and feels that her music is the same. “My music is like a kiss and a gunshot,” Baby K says with a sweet smile.

She holds that the title track is the song that best represents her personality at the moment. It is a constant contrast between good and bad, sweet and sour, kiss and gunshots. This song and the whole album is a contrast between feminine melodies and rap representing her “force of determination”. Baby K says “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” symbolizes a new beginning, new hope and love.

As a musician, Baby K is not simply after entertaining her fans. She is also keen on leaving them with something to think about.

Baby K was born in Singapore to Italian parents but grew up in London. She says that she never really planned to become a musician. It just happened since she grew up in an environment surrounded by music. Baby K joined the school choir in London when she was nine years old. She later joined the Harrow School of Young Musicians which enabled her take part in many important events including a performance at the London Notting Hill Carnival.

“I’ve always had very strong reaction to music from the time I was very small,” Baby K says adding that music has always been part of her life. Her becoming a musician was a natural process. She cultivated her love for music in a private manner, preferring to focus on hip hop and rap.

When Baby K finally came to settle down in Italy, she started by conducting radio programmes featuring hip hop music and hosting rap and hip hop concerts in Rome.

In 2006 she developed courage to embark on a musical career, and started collaborating with several Italian rappers. Baby K says she was particularly surprised to notice that the Italian rap scene was and is still dominated by men.

Asked how she feels while on stage, Baby K says “it is indescribable.” The minutes before going on stage are the most challenging ones.

“It is hard because you have to be in control of all these emotions otherwise you can’t sing very well,” she says. “There are many emotions in one, and it is hard to explain. I have a lot of adrenalin, a bit of fear, but the main feeling is that of just wanting to go on stage, smash it and give a big show.”

Baby K reveals that being a famous musician is quite a demanding task. It is actually “more than a job”. It is part of one’s daily life. “It is not just a job, it becomes your everyday thought” since you think about music all the time.

The main challenge, she says, is trying to stay focused and avoiding to make mistakes. “You have to always keep yourself sharp and on point, and you can’t allow yourself to ever make a mistake because if you make a mistake, you do so before the whole public, even before the whole country,” Baby K says.

She however points out that being a musician is “wonderful, is captivating, and there are a lot of emotions involved, so you never have a boring day.” She quickly points out that “obviously every now and again you have to take a break.”

This is a very busy period for Baby K as she travels to different parts of Italy to promote her new album and meet fans.

Her special advice for young people who would like to become musicians is: “Work very hard and rely on yourself. Don’t expect the people to come knocking at your door and give you the opportunity; that will come later on. The main thing is to make your own path, work very, very hard, be constant, use all the means necessary to allow people get to know you.”

Baby K strongly encourages new musicians to make best use of social networks – YouTube, Facebook, SoundCloud, etc., to publicise themselves and their music. “It is also very important to listen to feedback from other people,” she says.

Baby K would like her fans to always remember that life is like “a big leap in the dark”.

“Feel courageous but also be smart, be strong, and sometimes remember to just close your eyes and jump.”

By Stephen Ogongo Ongong’a