Why Kenya’s Supreme Court will most likely not nullify the October 26 presidential election

Kenyans must remember this. The forced repeat presidential election of October 26, 2017 was seriously flawed and a farce than the August 8th election. Now this is the bitter TRUTH that Kenyans must start accepting.

Mr Andrew Kerage Nyambego

The Supreme Court will not nullify the October 26, 2017 presidential election and it is not because Uhuru Kenyatta threatened and intimidated the judges.

The TRUTH of the matter is the nullification of the August 8th election was forced on the Court by the arrogance and belligerent actions of the Jubilee government and Mr Kenyatta as was manifested openly through acts of arrogance, defiance and crude contempt of the Court by the lawyers of IEBC and Mr Kenyatta during the petition hearing.

Mr Kenyatta and his Jubilee government openly showed the Court the middle finger by disobeying the Court Order that directed IEBC to provide “limited and read only” access to the server.

The Order to provide “limited and read only” access to the server was issued by the Court deliberately as a way out to confirm Uhuru Kenyatta’s “win.”

However, Mr Kenyatta never saw it as such because of pride and intoxication by too much power and over confidence that there was no way his election “win” would be overturned since no court in Africa had ever gone that far.

Given that there is overwhelming evidence to warrant the nullification of the October 26th declaration by Wafula Chebukati of Mr Kenyatta as winner, which will not happen, to save face and hoodwink Kenyans of its independence, a boardroom decision has already been made that will see the judges deadlocked by having 3 judges for and 3 judges against the nullification of Uhuru Kenyatta’s “win.”

That is how the Court is going to uphold Mr Kenyatta’s “win” of the most flawed and forced repeat presidential election of October 26, 2017.

Therefore, the only way out for Kenyans to slay the cancer of election rigging and autocracy is for the people to recall the sovereign power and to exercise it directly.

By Andrew Kerage Nyambego