Why it is wrong to ban busaa and chang’aa

Busaa and or chang’aa are cultural requirements that ought not to have been banned in the first place.

Mr Jerome Ogola

No cultural event happens without a drink of busaa – a mild alcoholic drink that is more food, more porridge than liquor.

Secondly Kenya must decide if alcohol is bad. In such a case, everything alcoholic must be banned. But making busaa, a poor man’s drink illicit, while letting the rich man drink his Vodka undisturbed is unacceptable.

It is discriminating to the hoof eater, who like everyone else has a right to thirst.

Githeri cannot be illegal while pizza (or what do rich men eat?) is very legal!

The poor man’s thirst must be quenched as well. Normally, for drinking busaa, a poor man is chased by a well fed excited cop, arrested, taken to court, charged and incarcerated in prison, all in a span of one day, unlike when Anne Waiguru, the Governor with itchy fingers loots NYS with abandon. For the later, cows come back home while investigations “are still ongoing”.

As such the police, mukasa and nyumba kumi should give the poor man a break for at least two weeks from now, for him to enjoy Christmas his way. Don’t be mean to the hoof eater! Let him for once drink until he falls in a coma, because after all, it is CHRISTMAS


By Jerome Ogola