What is happening now in Kenya is akin to what happened in Hitler’s Germany

Those supporting Uhuru Kenyatta and Jubilee Party in committing crimes against Kenyans should remember one thing: Hitler did not commit a crime..

WHY? When he desired to gas the Fake Jews, he went to Parliament which was dominated by his National Socialist (Nazi) party and legislated to legalize his crimes.

Mr Mule Martin says there is no difference between the crimes being committed in Kenya now and those committed in Hitler’s Germany

Hitler legalized his crimes through the Parliament, exactly like Uhuru is doing right now in Kenya watched by the whole WORLD.

In the course of this State-sponsored tyranny, the Nazis left countless lives shattered and millions dead.

The most significant perpetrators of these crimes are well known: Hitler, Adolf Eichmann, Heinrich Himmler, and Reinhard Heydrich, as well as the SS, among others.

But less known are the contributions of “ordinary” people – doctors, lawyers, teachers, civil servants, officers, and other professionals throughout the German society – whose individual actions, when taken together, resulted in dire consequences. Put simply, the Holocaust could not have happened without them.

The role of those in the legal profession in general and the actions of judges in particular were critical. Many senior jurists in Nazi Germany had been on the bench throughout the years of the Weimar Republic (1918–1933) and, before that, during the Imperial regime of Kaiser Wilhelm II (1888 –1918).

Coming from a longstanding authoritarian, conservative, and nationalist tradition, judges believed deeply in reinforcing government authority, ensuring public respect for the law, and guaranteeing that state actions had a legal basis (Rechtsstaat).

At the same time, they valued judicial independence in the form of protection from arbitrary or punitive removal from the bench and freedom from dictates regarding decision making. Above all, they rendered judgment based on such fundamental Western legal principles such as the equality of all citizens, the right of an accused person to a fair trial, and the concept that there could be no crime or penalty without prior law.

Onesimus Kipchumba Murkomen, Ahmednasir Abdullahi, the Jubilee Party, the current Parliament, and many others, you are assisting the BLACK HITLER into committing unspeakable crimes against Kenyans and the world, HISTORY WILL JUDGE YOU, very BRUTALLY.

Wafula Chebukati, the Chairman of the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) and Ezra Chiloba, BE ASHAMED of yourselves.

By Mule Martin

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