Largest number of armed military personnel reportedly deployed to Nyanza – What you can do to save lives

Now that armed military personnel are reported to have been deployed in largest numbers to Nyanza, let you and me pass message to the people on the ground to do the following:

1. Keep their phones fully charged and in their possession at all times;

2. Keep to their homes and houses;

3. Participate only in non-violent demonstrations if they must;

4. Quickly capture and share information about ANYTHING that proves to be unusual and posing dangers to life of their own or that of a neighbour;

5. Let NASA Online Brigade keep vigilance and compile the divergent ‘Shared Messages of Hostilities’ from the ground into a more convincing and free-flowing up-date story form. This is exactly what some of us had done that EXPOSED a systematic scheme to kill as many NASA supporters as possible. We saved many lives out there this way and the world attention had to be forced into that direction. Uhuru’s Mungiki forces in uniform had to stop prematurely too. Since the clip of MASS KILLINGS IN THE DARKNESS OF THE NIGHT is again about to take place, let the number of people monitoring the situation on the ground and sharing immediately on the social media be voluntarily increased.

Together we can save lives even from a distance, do your part effectively and with utmost dedication.

I wish you all ‘Safer Humanity and Richer Diversity for ALL at all times and in all geographical location. May the Almighty God keep your families safe as ever!

Share this text of ‘Maximum Precautionary Measure’ to at least 10 people in order to keep populations out there in Odinga strongholds and beyond safe.

By Mule Martin

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