HOOF EATERS’ COLUMN: Tyranny, the term misunderstood and misused by Jubilee sympathisers

“Tyranny” is dictatorship. Those who learn their English from political rallies think the word means a “large number” and anything whose count is numerous, can be referred to as a tyranny

A despot whose rule thrives on this tyranny is called a tyrant. A tyrant rules by fist. It is either his way or no way.

Democracy, human rights and even a sense of decency are new words in this world.

Injustices, cruelty and violence are the hallmark of his reign.

This is a vice that even those whose names can be used as synonyms of dictatorship, like Iddi Amin Dada and Pol Pot, will not refer to themselves as tyrants!

I doubt if Jean Bedel Bokasa of Central African Republic would respond if you called him a tyrant, a dictator, a despot, an autocrat, etc.

Rarely will you find anyone boasting of any vice i.e. that they are a prostitute, a thief, a murderer, a terrorist, a rapist, etc. It takes Jubilee sympathisers to take pride in “tyranny” mostly because of ignorance or arrogance or both.

A majority in parliament cannot be described as tyranny. But if you use it to force your way to anything and to defeat logic and reason, then that’s a typical tyranny which puts the supported regime in the same league as that of the world’s infamous dictators.

Parliament – the legislature is an independent arm of the government and not an annex or an extension of the executive. Its autonomy is paramount to its effective functioning. When it turns out to be a tool of dictatorship that passes legislations to suffocate democracy and reintroduce one party dictatorship, then we are headed south.

Lest you forget, a snare meant to trap wild game for meat, can boomerang to trap your own dog, the supposed beneficiary of the hunting.

We watch as things unfold, and secession remains on the table.

By Jerome Ogola

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