Evans Kidero vs Babu Owino. Who is ready to replace Raila Odinga?

Mid-March 2010 I was on the last flight 540 to Kisumu from Nairobi. Evans Kidero sat in front of me and I could hear him talking to someone I didn’t recognize, He was planning to enter politics.

I thought that was the worst idea. He was not cut for politics.

Embakasi East MP Babu Owino

Later that evening we bumped into each other at Lake View, I was hanging out with my uncle and his friends.

I didn’t know my uncle was the chairman of Kidero’s strategic committee.

I listened to them the whole time and I was wondering how they were going to turn this cooperate guy into a politician. I just didn’t see how.

Honestly, I thought Kidero would be a worse politician considering his past at Smithkline and Mumias, I saw too much cooperate greed in him.

Enter Otoyo Chiambe, he tore into Kidero candidature and threw a few unprintables before grabbing a few beers and walking away.

Evans Kidero, former Governor of Nairobi County

Fast forward to 2017 elections I told my uncle that Sonko will beat Kidero by 7am because he brought everything cooperate into politics. He was not ready to get his hands dirty a thing which Babu Owino is willing to do.

Kidero lacked political organisational skills, mien and guts. This is because he has nothing he stands for, something you can wrap around him. He doesn’t electrify the masses the way Babu does.

Kidero doesn’t make people both angry and happy at the same time. He doesn’t know how to stroke passionate emotions for both love and hate.

For these reasons, I think Babu Owino with time will replace Raila Odinga only if he puts his mind to it. It’s a long shot and big shoes to fill but anything is possible.

By Sethinsky Amollovic Ogachonski

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