Why Dennis Oliech should be celebrated and not ridiculed

When word went around that poverty had caught up with Dennis Oliech, the former Harambee Stars captain and an International football legend, many took to the social media to criticize his lifestyle and say all sorts of ill things against him.

Former Harambee Stars captain and International football legend Dennis Oliech

Those celebrating what they think is Denno’s downfall are probably not aware that he spent some Ksh 123 million on his mother’s cancer treatment in France.

Obviously, however rich we may be, after spending such amounts, we cannot lead the same lifestyle we had before.

It is after footing the bill for his mother’s treatment that Dennis had to relocate.

It happened in my lifetime that Dennis Oliech at one time paid air transport for the Kenya National football team known as Harambee Stars – in other words, he aided all Kenyan taxpayers myself included.

Dennis Oliech paid school fees for many High School and University students who have no blood relationship with him at all.

He remains my hero. Dennis may be down but not out. Therefore, if we can’t find a way of being in solidarity with him, we better keep off his private affairs.

And that issue of “ooo anatembea na 18-year-old women”, look here Dennis isn’t even 35. Do we expect him to walk with our mothers? When did 18 stop being a legal age?

Dennis did not grab anybody’s land, he did not rob a bank and was not involved in money laundering. He is just a hardworking young man who excels in what he knows best – football.

There are also people who say: “wajaluo raha, pombe – investments hakuna.”

What better investment would a guy do rather than investing back in the life of someone who gave him life? Do you know how cancer eats everything anyone ever had in their pockets?

Dennis Oliech should be celebrated, not ridiculed the way some are doing.

By Achieng’ Ochieng’

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